Chefs & Stewards/Stewardesses

Are you having trouble fitting all your creativity and skills into the normal CV format, not being able to show what you really are worth and can do?

Although you do need to have the CV set up properly, a personal but professional web-site may be the thing that tips the balance into your favour – let your future employer be temped by your sumptuous creations and get the ‘feel’ of who you are and what you can produce.

As humans we process visual information thousands and thousands times faster than text so whether you would like to showcase yourself and your work in a restaurant style web-site, a minimalistic, artistic, corporate or fun family loving web-site you will have the tools to let your viewer explore into the taste sensations before even cooking them a meal.

A personal web-site is also a superb tool for stewards and stewardesses showcasing table settings, activity and other presentations.

Make it Special – Make it you!


You will also have the tools to update menus and information daily, if you so wish, write blogs, give charter guests access to secluded password protected recipes, restricted download areas and so much more.

Images are extremely important but if you only have a few to start with, don’t let this stop you setting it all up, it can be built upon and changed as you go. We all know that when you are busy cooking you have little time outside the galley/kitchen.

After 25+ years within the yachting industry (14+ as chef) I understand the importance making your culinary treats and presentations varied and that you constantly are pushed to excel your previous creations. I also understand that you all are in different places in your careers so I have prepared a couple of web-site package options at different rates, starting off at a basic but pungent web-site package to more elaborate set-ups. All being Word-Press set-ups which allows them to be updated and expanded upon. A WordPress web-site also allows it to easily evolve or completely change into a different style in the future, without loosing any existing information so it can grow together with you.

Super-slim   •   Healthy   •   Gourmet   •   Five-star*****

Please contact me at for quotes and any questions you may have.

Looking forward to hearing from you.