Continuity & great content

There are quite a few questions in regard to SEO (search engine optimization) and social media these days. Each social media platform has its own tricks and a multitude of options, personal or business wise, which are constantly evolving. Working with true geeks in the SEO field I can see what a vast subject it is and to try to become an expert is a full time job in itself which most of us do not have the time to do. There are however two simple points to remember to get people to engage with your post, namely: Continuity and Great content 

Make it a weekly task/s to engage on a social media platform of your choice. If people have liked it before they are likely to engage again. Also note that on some platforms, posts are put into “archive” after one week so you need to add fresh content to ensure visibility. Be warned though, posting too often can become the equivalent of white noise – people tend to get bored and flick past it or stop even noticing
Great content
Make it informative or evoke emotions. Regardless of whether your business is of a technical, merchandise or service nature, a post should be visually attractive in one way or another for people to engage. Also don’t forget to put your logo on each post so that it will become imprinted into peoples’ mind together with the post’s message.  
Hashtag, yes definitely, use them but be aware that social media platforms work in different ways so what is optimizing on one platform might be the opposite on another.
Make it simple for yourself, regardless of what platform/s you engage in, make it a routine. Inform yourself of the specific platform and how to optimize. Tweak the post to be optimized for each platform. Once you have a routine going it will get easier and easier to maintain. If you have no time, employ someone 😉 to look after it for you.