Real estate images from a dog perspective.. really?

If you have an apartment or villa for rent, taking images for your web-site and/or holiday rental agencies can sometimes be tricky. You want your property to stand out and speak to the prospect customer more than the others but the images does not convey what you are actually selling. Sounds familiar? So, what should you do to make your apartment to pop out from the rest?

The best might be to get in a pro or semi-pro (as myself) in to do the shoot or if the budget does not allow this here are some pointers.

Camera – a smartphone might work if you have a wast space but if we are talking a quite small but comfortable room it might get tricky to get all in.  So, an actual camera is in most cases your best option.

Wide-angle – a wide angle is best to work with. However, a fish-eye lens is often too much and the whole image will be warped. If you do not know how to correct this in a photo editing software, you might be best to not use it.

Verticals – try to keep the walls and windows vertical. It is true that angle shot might be very alluring but as a general rule keep them straight. Use those more artistic shoots as introduction or feature shoots but keep the more informational shoots straight.

Step-back – try taking a step back and see if you can fit in what you want to be seen.

Lights – natural light is perfectly fine but you may still want to switch on ambient lights to create a more inviting image. If you have an area in the shadows try bouncing some light into it with a sheet or something else that can act as a reflector.

Mood shoots – take some images of details in the room. It could be a decoration sitting in the book shelf, a door knob, curtesy toiletries, a breakfast tray or a run bath with bubbles and candles. All these “extra” non-informative shoots will add to the flavour to your property.

Details – if you take time to look at upmarket professional shoots you will see a lot are in the details. So when you take that shoot ask yourself, is that curtain hanging straight; is that window clean; is that table in the right angle; are the sheets ironed; how does that pillow look; would it look good with a flower on that table, etc.

and.. then we have my personal pet-hate when watching property shoots..

A Dog’s perspective!

.. i.e. The Angle – I have yet to understand why many, often excellent photographers, decide to shoot from a dog’s or small child’s perspective. What you will see as an on-line visitor is the back of chairs and sofas, bed legs and bottom of mattresses.  Your vertical angles might be dead on straight but one does not see the beautifully table top, the table decorations nor how inviting that sofa or bed looks. So please, let me suggest you instead shoot from a shorter person’s perspective? The verticals can be still be straight yet the on-line visitor, will feel invited to, in effect, enter the room, sit down on the sofa / bed that looks so comfortable and enjoy the drinks that are set up on the table.. does that not sound more inviting than..  “Welcome in to my carpet”?

Have fun taking those images but if have the budget why not take in a a pro / semi-pro to do the shoot for you – just tell them to stay away from the dog-perspective..  😉