Selling your property ? Sometimes agents are just not enough.

Leaving the paperwork, legalities and dealings with prospect buyers to qualified property agents are for most sellers an obvious route. However in today’s market it might not be enough to make your property stand out amongst the competitors and you might feel that your agents are “not doing enough” although they might indeed list and promote your property in the best way they can.

To help the project underway a good way to approach the issue is to, in combination with your agents, have a mini website/web-page where you list your signed agents equally (so no-one should feel overlooked) that you yourself are in total control of and can promote wherever you might please. It could be social medias, classified ads or maybe even to make a small flyer referring to the web-site directly. Of course you have to make sure that your agents are in agreement with such a web-site although I doubt few would object as it would be direct advertising also for them even if they are listed next to your other agents if you have several.

Since the property is yours, you might be more inclined to spend a little time promoting it directly and helping the sale underway at the same time as you do not take over the sales proceedings as such.

Some may argue – why? this is what the agents get paid for .. This is very true but it all comes down to how eager you are to sell.

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