Time on your hands ? – Make your own Social Media directory

Within a few weeks life will start going back to normal and the world will start spinning faster again. To make use of the quiet time left here are some ideas to keep you busy and make life easier for the rest of the year.

Social media post – most business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to get these done especially on a regular basis and that is what is key for all the different platforms.

Have a think of which platforms you would like to work. Set the basics up so that you know how they are linked and work. For ex. Instagram is a must for anyone working visually whereas Twitter might the place for you if you and your business are more verbal. What are your clients most likely to use?  As things are changing quickly in social media ensure that you do the amount of hashtags that work best for each platform to optimise your posts.

Once you have them set up ready to go now it is time to think of the future.

If you have had your business for some time you have already a pretty good idea what to tell your customers at different situations so make up your own Social Media directory with tagline, some text, hashtags and an image you may want to use, or an idea of an image that you can slot in at a later time. (Make sure to incorporate your logo where you can.)

How to get going?    – Ask yourself,  what do I want to tell my customers…

… once the lockdown is over
… beginning, middle, end of summer
… autumn arriving
… halloween / all saints
… black Friday
… winter arriving
… Christmas / New Year
… it is raining, it is hot
… beach days, mountain days
… etc.

These events may look different from previous years but they will come, so put your thinking cap on and let them grey ones work. If your mind is blank have a look at previous post that you have done, look at other’s business’ feeds, competitors and/or other unrelated type of businesses / people’s feed that you like.

Make a list and set up sections relevant to the time frame and/or situation and for each post add:

• Titel
• Tag line

• Text
• Hashtags
• Image / image idea and prepare them for the different platforms

If you do not have all of the above for each post do not worry, keep adding new post ideas and slot in the missing information as you find it. Make several for each topic as you may need them at different occasions.

On almost all platforms you can add post in advance and set a time for when they should be posted, these a great for the “holiday posts” whereas the more personal ones might be better of to do one by one. Consistency is key but remember too much can have a negative effect as well as people tend to “switch off” if they see something too often (don’t spam your followers).

Enjoy the creativity in a more quiet and tranquil space than normal. 🙂