Time to rest and regroup

If you are working on a yacht many of you are about to finish the summer season and in need of a well deserved rest. It is time to relax, have some fun and also to regroup before the next season kicks in.

Whether you are in the phase of rest or regrouping, before you spent all that money hiding away in your tip’s envelope, it is worth to take a moment and reflect on how you are marketing yourself to prospect employers and agencies. You are not alone out there and even if you are the best of the best, are you sure you are being perceived the way you want to be?
There is no doubt that Facebook, Linked In and other social media with their groups and pages are excellent ways to network and be seen. However, even the most elaborate and/or streamlined Facebook page will still be a Facebook page and will not necessarily convey your story in the best light. If you are a chef you most likely want people to be tempted by your menus and images; if you are a steward/dess you probably want people to see how beautiful or funky your table settings and decorations are, your latte art, how you present itineraries to your guest onboard etc. Now, you can put all this in a PDF or even make an elaborate brochure but hand on heart would not a web-site be a better solution?
There are ample of do-it-yourself-options out there and you might really enjoy doing but it will take precious time for you. I have therefore prepared four web-site packages, SLIM LINE – HEALTHY – GOURMET – FIVE STAR. All four are Word Press set-ups where you have full control of your web-site at any time, Slim Line being the basic version and Five Star being the more elaborate one. Working with Word Press is straight forward and easy to learn. Once it is up and running you can easily make changes and add content at your leisure and it can be extended upon largely in the future. We can also password protect pages should you prefer.
An alternative to above is the Galley and Beyond’s extended profile. This is a yearly subscription of a personal profile page at galleyandbeyond.com with a possibility to showcase your work (in combination of your own web-site and/or social media page/s should you wish). You will have the chance to change / add details to it three times / year, so you can keep it updated before and after the seasons. No need for technical know how or log-ins, I manage the page for you, all you need to do is email me the information and images. For more information please visit http://galleyandbeyond.net/galley-and-beyond-profile-page-extended/.
Tempted? Go on – you know you are, send me an email and I send you some information of all packages. jkq@jkqdesign.com
If you already have a web-site and want to show your work a little more – why not become a contributor at Galley and Beyond. INFORM * INSPIRE * SHOW – More at http://galleyandbeyond.net/g-b-contributors/
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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