When did you update your wordpress site ?

Is the WordPress 4.3 – Billie version ready for you?

WordPress recently released version 4.3 and although many plug-ins and theme developers are still working to become compatible with this new release it may be interesting for you to think of. What WordPress version are you running on – if it is a few years old it is important to consider for security reasons to make an update especially if you have it open to subscribers/comments open.

However, before you go ahead and clicking that button there are a few things to consider. The major questions to ask are:

  • Have you made any customisation to your theme?
  • Is your theme compatible to the new 4.3 version?
  • Is your site running on a child-theme?
  • Are your plug-ins compatible to the new version?
  • Have you made any customisation to your plug-ins?

If your reply is ‘yes’ to any of the above you need to take things slowly.

However – the most important question you should ask yourself is..

  • Have you got a back-up?

Even if you made a back-up after the site was finished and have made back-up’s regularly you should make sure you have a fresh back-up done before making any attempts to update.

What is new in WordPress 4.3 – Billie


Many developers recommend the following work flow but it is important you check what is applicable for just your web-site. Take your time this is something you do not want to rush as you might loose your data, valuable time and money.

  1. First of all – Make sure you have made a recent and full back-up that you can easily access if needed of your WordPress web-site.
  2. Secondly – if you skipped the back-up step – do one now.
  3. Verify that your plug-ins are compatible with the new version and update these first.
    • Note – did you make any changes in your plug-in? Have you got these at hand? Are any CSS-changes in your child-theme?
  4. Continue with verifying your theme is compatible with the new version before updating the theme.
    • Note – if you have made any modifications to your theme and do not have a ‘child’ theme it might be a good idea to stop this updating process and set up the child theme first before updating the ‘parent’ theme.
    • Make sure you have a copy of your CSS / style sheet and any templates you my have made modifications to.
  5. Now you should have all plug-ins and theme updated you can hit the WordPress 4.3 update button.

Should your theme and plug-ins not yet be ready for the new 4.3 – Billie version you may want to consider to at least update to  WordPress 4.2.4 Security and Maintencance release. Follow the below link for further information of this update.


If you do not feel confident doing the above by yourself ask your web-administrator or contact me at JKQ Design for further information and quote as every web-site is different and you might consider making a child theme, some alterations and modifications at the same time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.