# – Hashtags

# – Hashtags are widely used today on social media and can be excellent marketing tools. However, I often see them used in ways that do nothing for the post.

Namely not leaving a space in-between the hashtag-words. Some are just #this#that#and#everything#inbetween and the latter sequence would actually not do anything, it is just a string of words with some hashtag symbols thrown in.

For the #hashtag to work and thereby allow your words to be picked up in searches, there must be a space between each tagged word i.e. #hashtag #hashtags. You will see the formatting changing when used correctly in most medias. So no space before the hashtag equals wasted work.

For more in-depth information on the use of hashtags have a look at these blog posts from Hub Spot and Postplanner, both have lots of information for you.