People in suits and typing..

I was recently traveling on a flight to and from Brussles, and it was a little different from my normal Stockhom – Nice flight. Instead of holiday makers I had suits, executives and obvious managers around me. As soon as possible the majority reached after their lap-tops and went on working. As I was relaxing myself I could not help noticing the way that they were typing and I was astound. Most of these people were working on what looked like letters and presentations. They were working concentrated and as fast as they could but not all seemed to have been introduced to typing lessons… I thought, of course just because computers have been introduced in every home and workplace today does not mean that you, especially if you are a little older, have been taught how to type.

So, I decided to do a search or two and below you have some links that I have found that are free. Hope it will may make your work much quicker and productive in the future. As always, practice makes perfect. Have fun typing 🙂 (has selection of US, UK keyboards) (selection of keyboards)