Social media – how careful are you?

It may seem banal to say ‘be carful online’ but hand on heart, how careful are you?

We are trying to tell the younger generation to adhere to internet safety guidelines but how many of us adults are following the same rules. Ask yourself a few questions. How many of your Facebook friends can see everything you post? Have you set up your limited profile to people you may know but not necessarily want to be able to see all your family photos, comments and remarks? If you have a business page – are you keeping the invisible line between business and private friends? Are you monitoring the likes on your public pages? How good are your passwords – are you still using easy ones because they are exactly that .. easy..? The possibility to use % ( # etc. in your passwords are there for a reason, use them. Privacy settings are there to protect you – use them.

I may not have children myself but I am pretty sure they would not do what I would tell them to do if I did not do it myself. Maybe I am wrong but if you have not done so before I suggest you invest 20 minutes to make your social media safer.

Just a thought.. 😉

Below a useful video that may help you to get started with your privacy settings.